Laundry has never been so exciting!

Lately it has come to my attention that my blog has been much more bite that board. That pretty much means that I like to eat, generic viagra doctor haha. A lot! I’m not afraid to admit it, sildenafil doctor I do like to eat, but I also love to craft.

I used to be way more creative in my life. In fact, once upon a glittery city called LA I actually did that as my job. I created for a living. I was good at it and it was SO MUCH FUN! I miss it. Yes, I do. Don’t laugh Kimber. ;) I definitely don’t miss the hours though. But a girl has got to get her creative fix when she can. So today, while the monkey, otherwise known as my son, had a whopping 3 hour power nap I created a cute little sign for my soon to be laundry room in my new house. I had to. My laundry room is ugly. It’s a dark cave. But it’s also a blank canvas and that’s perfect for my little crafter’s heart.

So here it is. My little craft project du jour. Enjoy!


Laundry Sign

You’ll Need

1 self healing mat

1 homemade stencil printed on computer paper

1 wooden sign (this one was $3.99 at Michaels)

1 bottle of acrylic paint in the color of your choice

1 paint brush

1 glue stick

1 Exacto blade (I used Fiskars Finger blade)



Using the type font of your choosing type out the word laundry and print it out. Using your Exacto knife on the self healing mat, cut the words out of the paper, keeping the white paper intact. This is a laborious process, but it is worth it if you are like me and can’t line up stencil letters to save your life.


Once you have cut out your stencil, turn it over and lightly apply the glue stick to the back side. Flip it over and line it up on your wooden sign and press down lightly. Take your paint brush, dip it in your chosen paint color and paint the words. Do not take more than 5 minutes to do this process. Immediately remove the stencil to make sure it doesn’t permanently stick to your sign.


Allow the paint to dry. If you’re like me, and chose a paint color that’s pretty light, you have the option of taking a Sharpie and outlining the words so they show up better. And that’s it!

Happy Crafting!

Mommy’s Little Helpers

I’ve been so busy these past weeks that I can barely take a full breath in and out without also using it to form a sentence, discount cialis hospital lift a moving box or rip a piece of tape with my teeth. Such is life with a toddler while you are trying to pack up and get ready to move, sovaldi sale I guess.


So I thought I would take a few semi private moments to make a quick post about the things that get me by on a day to day basis. Don’t let the title deceive you, I don’t get any fun help from pharmaceuticals, although for all the mom’s reading this, I’m sure we all have days when we feel like that would help!


Today my “helpers” are just a few minutes to sit down and eat a sandwich and drink a full sugar coke. You heard me right. Full. SUGAR. Coke. Judge away, but I can’t stand the fake crap. Anyways, back to the other two “helpers.” While my charming little boy spent his lunch time throwing his food on the floor, I spent a blessed 15 minutes, boiling water for eggs, throwing everything I could jam into the dishwasher and wiping down the counters while I waited the requisite 10 minutes for them to cool. I made my sandwich snapped a few pretty pics of it and sat down and ate that sucker in 2 bites…. okay maybe 3. While I was eating my sandwich I looked around my table and realized that the photos I snapped were just not a great representation of the chaos my life is in. So, deep breath here is a pic of what it really looks like to sit down at my crowded table and take just a few minutes to eat.


Sometimes all you need is some protein slapped between some carbs and a nice sugary pep to wash it all down with. Anyways better fly, these boxes won’t pack themselves!

Celebrating Halloween

IMG_3593In my family we are BIG on traditions! Every family has different traditions and some of my favorite holiday past times have come from discovering how other families celebrate the same holidays! So I thought I would pass on a tradition in my family.

Sounds a little goofy, viagra canada pills I know, viagra but every holiday we celebrate has a tree involved. Yes, a tree. Think Christmas, but on a much smaller scale. It took me a few years to figure out that this wasn’t exactly a common practice with other families I know. I don’t know where this came from. Seriously. No clue. Except maybe my mom loved the tradition of the Christmas Tree so much she wanted to share the wealth with the rest of the holidays? But whatever the reason, it stuck and I love it! We have an Easter Tree (traditionally a stick picked from the forest and spray painted white and stuck in a base.) We have a Christmas tree. And my favorite, the Halloween tree!

IMG_3592These trees, save the Christmas tree usually sit on our dining room table starting in the month in which we celebrate said holiday. And as kids, we always got to decorate the trees. It was so much fun sitting with my sister going through the box of spooky ornaments to hang on the tree and figuring out the perfect place for the ghost and the skeletons and the black cats to hang. Then we would turn off all the lights and turn on the Halloween tree lights. Because, yes, our tree was pre-lit with lights! I remember always getting a chill rush over me as we stood their admiring our creepy handiwork.

IMG_3591This year, CJ is celebrating his very first Halloween. And while the logical side of my brain realizes he will never remember his 1st Halloween, I just can’t stop myself from decorating! I was so excited when I found my own Halloween tree for my table! I immediately asked my mom where she put the ornaments, and if I could have them for CJ’s new tree. These ornaments are teeny tiny little things, like skeletons, and little cloth ghosts and a little plastic Frankenstein, and little witches. The collection of ornaments growing each year in our youth so that we amassed about 20 ornaments. To my dismay, my mom informed me that she thinks she gave the box away to some charity. WHAT?! NOOOOoooooooooo. I was devastated. So the hunt began to find new ornaments for CJ’s tree. And just like my own lost collection of ornaments, we will grow his collection each year. So if anyone knows where I can get teeny tiny little ornaments for a tree that is only about 14 inches tall, please drop me a comment!

What are some of your favorite Halloween traditions??