Happy Holidays, or where I come from, Merry Christmas!

This year I was off the hook for entertaining. My sister in law offered to do Christmas and I said yes! It’s my mom’s year for Christmas Eve celebration too! SCORE! But I have a sickness. Seriously, viagra sale store I just can’t help myself. Ask my husband. I simply must make a fuss. I simply must be surrounded by friends and family. Especially around Christmas. Especially this Christmas. The 1st Christmas in 30 years that I won’t wish my Grandma a Merry Christmas. Well, that’s not exactly true. I will sent her warm hugs and kisses to wherever she may be in the universe. I will send her light and love in my thoughts and tell her that everyday I think about her. I won’t, however be able to celebrate with her, so I will celebrate her memory along with my family.


These are my grandparents.

I was lucky enough to receive some of her belongings and I’ve used them to ease the ache in my heart this year. My table is strewn with her memory. From the antique champagne coupes to the ancient Hull crockery her touch is everywhere and it soothes me.


My grandma loved to entertain. She didn’t much like the stress Christmas can bring with all the preparation and everything, but she loved having her family around her. And I’m happy to say I’m just like her that way!


So I thought I would share my table with you. It’s so easy to mix new and old and come up with a classic and beautiful table. I cannot take full credit for the table though. My husband came up the stairs from his “man cave” as I dressed it and called my hexagon candle holders from Target “Andy Warhol-ish!” He knows how to get my goat… yes, goat. So here it is. Merry Christmas to you and yours this Holiday season. I wish you as much love, laughter and light as you can stand.


Table Dressings:

Silver Chargers: $8.99 at Aldi for 6

Hippopotamus Salt+Pepper Shakers: a “white elephant” gift from my hilarious friend, Emily. Think you can get them at Target though…

Wine glasses: $.99 per glass at IKEA

Hull Crockery: Grandma’s kitchen. But you can find some on Ebay.

Candle Holders: $3.79 each at Target. Nate Berkus section

Eucalyptus: $2.99 a bunch at Trader Joe’s

China: Noritake Platinum Wave pattern

Silverware: Lennox

Merry Christmas!

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