How Time Flies By…

Lake Harriet: CJ’s 7 month Photos


It’s days like these where I remember why I live in this crazy place called Minnesota. Minnesota is known as the coldest state in the country. Little do people realize, viagra buy decease it is also usually one of the hottest states in the country as well. Last Summer, purchase at the same time we had a week of 90 degree days. Now, if you live in AZ or CA you might think we are just a bunch of complaining midwesterners, but add in 95% humidity and the temperature rises well above the 100 degrees mark. We even joke that our state fair is called The Great Minnesota Sweat together. ;) Minnesota is hot and sticky in the summer. It’s like we invented humidity. Seriously. But there are three weeks in the Spring and three weeks in the Fall that are pure magic. These days are full of sunny skies, no humidity, Spring buds or beautiful Fall leaves and everyone who lives here, finds any and every excuse to stay outside just a little longer. It’s close to Fall here, but we are still a good couple of weeks away from true fall weather, but today is perfect. 76 degrees and NO humidity. The sky is the most beautiful shade of sky blue with just a few wisps of puffy clouds lazing about. The Sun is hot and strong on your back, and there is the slightest of breezes that just manages to cool you off without rippling the lake water. CJ and I decided that it would be a great day to do a little impromptu photo shoot. So we headed out to Lake Harriet armed with his trusty Winnie the Pooh quilt and a few toys and mama’s fancy black box that makes funny noises (my camera) After all he is seven months old now… and we need to savor each and every moment of Summer.  I guess time flies when you are having fun.







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