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Date Nights are few and far between at our house. Not because we don’t want to go out and have fun, generic cialis salve but because we have a 5 month old baby. Not to knock babies, for sale especially when they are as cute as our son CJ, tadalafil but they are a total time suck! Not to mention energy suck. At the end of the day, it’s usually the parents who just end up… sucking… hahaha. No, but for real, all you parents out there, you know what I’m talking about. Every single time your child smiles at you is like you’ve won a prize, and you just find yourself spending hours not only caring for your child, but enjoying them as you watch them discover and grow and learn new things before your very eyes. It’s mesmerizing, and it completely sucks you in. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank goodness for Grandma’s! They come in and tell you: “I need my time with my grandson, so skiddadle (sp?) get outta here, go have fun, I need a CJ fix, GO ON!” And all the sudden thoughts about breast feeding schedules, and sleep patterns go out the window to be replaced by: “okay, we’ve got a date night ALONE together. What do we do?!” It took me exactly 5 seconds to come up with a plan. 2 words LAKE HARRIET.

We started our night at Bread & Pickle. Its the walk up restaurant right next to the Band shell on the north side of the lake. We stood in line and showed our i.d.’s so we could enjoy a pint of Farm girl. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend it. It’s the perfect summer beer. Light and playful with a floral-y hint that hits your tongue and has it begging for more. After some fun people watching at the lake, we headed on over to the Lake Harriet Brasserie. 2 more words: Ahhhhhh-mazing… okay, so that might just be one word spread out, but if you haven’t eaten here and you consider yourself a foodie, then frankly, shame on you.

We decided to sample the small plate selection because we both like to try a little bit of everything, and we just couldn’t decide. Everything sounded like an experience we needed to try. We tried the duck taco, the Rillettes and the Coxinha (co-shee-na). Apparently it’s bad luck to eat a Coxinha with a knife and fork so we left that dish for the last. While it was definitely the most fun looking, it wasn’t our favorite. To say we loved the duck taco would be a grave understatement. It’s easily the most delicious thing we’ve eaten in a long, long time. Then came the Rillettes. Salmon Rillettes. I told Mike we had to try it. I wouldn’t even explain what it was. I just said, nope, we are ordering it and he gamely went along for the ride. Rillettes is something that I actually found disgusting when described to me. Look it up on Wikipedia, but don’t knock it until you try it! And, damn am I glad I actually tried it. Another two words: damn delicious. the end.


After our wonderful meal I took Mike for a ride on the Lake Harriet trolley. Both Mike and I are suckers for “old world” things and a romantic sunset ride on a 1920’s trolley was just the perfect way to round out the evening. So, if you find yourself with a night free from responsibility, go get lost at Lake Harriet. It won’t disappoint you.


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